We are a young and growing company, specialising in marketing and promoting a range of specific biological products for Agricultural & Horticultural production. Our products are produced from specific genus/species/strains of organisms (in the latest food grade production facilities) for specific end markets – where their use and intervention offers a cost benefit for our customers.

Established in 2015, we are very pleased to work with a wide range of diverse businesses and institutions across the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Channel Islands. A solid and growing bank of technical knowledge is available from both ourselves and our partners in our specialist subject areas. We are pleased to share this knowledge with our existing and potential customers, where we are all constantly developing our collective knowledge regarding the practical uses of our products.

We have been able to expand our supplier base and range offering during this time to include complimentary products offering synergistic benefits including carbon based fertilisers, liquid fertilisers and some particularly novel bio-stimulant products, which are promoted under our own Microbial brand.

We are delighted to hear from anybody working in and around this field, who feels they have something of interest that we should know about!

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