What is it?

It is an organic carbon-based additive, with balanced crop nutrients and beneficial biology designed to feed your soil microbes, improve the efficiency and performance of your approved inputs and farm yard manure/slurry, build long term soil fertility, and increase crop yield potential.

As many organic farmers know microbes and soil life are extremely important to all crop’s yield, quality and health. The high sugar content in Liquid Carbon Based Fertiliser helps to stimulate soil biology by feeding the microbes and fungi in the rhizosphere (root area), which in turn exude carbon compounds, including carbohydrates, fatty and organic acids, vitamins, enzymes and phyto-chemicals.

Rhizosphere microbes also release chelating agents that increase availability of trace elements and tightly held soil nutrients so increasing crop uptake of them, including P, K, Mg, Mn, B and Ca. With the greater availability of macro and micro minerals through the growing period, plants are much healthier and thus are better placed to fight off disease and pests which is essential for organic farmers who only have limited options in their toolbox.

L-CBF TERRA FED™ also helps to promote other bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi which protect roots from pathogens, inhibiting or killing them by releasing natural antibiotics such as penicillin. Some fungi digest other pathogenic fungi and nematodes that, for example, cause root diseases and rot.

When L-CBF TERRA FED™ is used as a foliar spray the product sticks longer on the leaf, will kill aphids through bloat and attracts beneficial insects i.e. bees, ladybirds.

L-CBF TERRA FED™ is approved for use as an organic carbon fertiliser by the Soil Association bringing the benefits of L-CBF fertiliser to those that require Organically Certified Inputs.